Review: “As Eaves Dropped Vol. 2”




…is a brief little mini that is comprised of a handful of one-page strips. Most are gags, some are a little more pointedly barbed, and one or two strike me as funny stories “shorn from real life,” and they mostly seem to be about laughing at the hypocrisies of people.

Suzanne Baumann is from Michigan, the state that had a kick-ass delegation at MoCCA comprised of her and Matt “Cynicalman” Fezel together. They were really friendly, enthusiastic, “I want someone to read my comics” people.



(Here’s them being blown away by MY comic. Which was way awesome!)










“As Eaves Dropped Vol. 2” is breezy, quick fun that was definitely worth 50 cents. It’s got some loose, quick style that is fun to look at and compliments the strips ideas just fine.

Also, there are some really interesting page layouts in some of them when the word balloons curl from one panel into the next, using the tails to show how we’ve just done a 360 degree turn around the room, and doesn’t confuse at all.

A favorite strip involves a mom taking her daughter to the museum.

“Skallytons!” “aaaaAAAape???”














I can just hear that daughter’s voice.

Another little moment: almost out of panel, the coffee cup with two cartoon characters talking. One says, “Does our HMO cover coffee jitters?” Other says, “What HMO?” Ha, ha, ha, ha.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. See Suzanne’s work for yourself at

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