Test Page

Here’s a test page of my thesis comic.  I went really rough and crazy, just focusing, really, on getting the borders ruled out super-accurately and deciding on the final proportions.  I went and inked some of it just to do it, and added text in three or four different sizes from my ames guide to decide how small I wanted to go.

The Home Office, Wahoo Michigan

So here’s what my home office looks like.  Just at a glance you can see the great Ken Dahl print in the back next to the Pixies poster, the bend-neck lamp I’ve had since I stole it from my parents who’ve had it since the 70s, at least one glass of iced tea (I’ve obviously been doing dishes recently, since there should be three or four more abounding).  The desk itself is one of two I now decadently own.  When I came to CCS I was drawing on a hand-me-down kitchen table from my Aunt to my Mom to me.  This table I got from Morgan on the cheap.


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