I Love Kristin Hersh

I’m working on “Recidivists” right now, a collection of anthology submissions that missed their deadlines. The biggest comic in it, Deanna’s Story, will be about a girl I’m modeling on Mrs. Hersh.

In the meantime, here’s a sketch based on her smashingly-excellent cover of the Beatles “Everybody’s Got Something To Hide (Except Me & My Monkey)”:

You can hear a bit of the song at e-music.


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Frank Miller = Spirited Mayhem? Pt.1

I’m already sick of the sniping at Frank Miller’s Spirit movie, because I don’t know enough about The Spirit to join in.

Luckily, I’m near a collection of  the entire Spirit archive, and I started reading.  I’m beginning to wonder if Frank Miller really is so “off” with the movie… I mean:

Aside from everything else, is that crowbar really suggestive to anyone else?

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In Lieu of Real Update

I got a day to draw on vacation.  To celebrate, I picked up a new cheap sketchbook.  Only on the first page, but off to a good start:


I really need a scanner.  Taking photos just doesn’t work!

Artists I was thinking of: Jim Rugg (notice girl’s failed Rugg-style nose shading) and Chris Bachelo, who I’m convinced inspired the B&W boyo there on the left.

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Done In Dvorak

Today is Dvorak Day!

DV Zines

Okay… technically, it was yesterday. But I didn’t know until today, so celebrate now like it’s 1932!!! (Which was when, on May 21st, Dvorak first patented his simplified keyboard layout.) And so, in celebration, I’ve used a slow day at work to liberate my own keyboard and bring it around to the Dvorak way.

“Dvorak” is short for The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout. The standard keyboard layout that most people use (QWERTY) was developed to overcome mechanical problems on the original typewriter almost 150 years ago – mechanical problems that no longer exist! In 1932 Professor August Dvorak scientifically designed an improved keyboard layout based on research and logic.” –from DVzine.org

Learn more at DVzine.org.

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The Process

One part of comics life that has not endeared itself to me is aspects of the research.  Specifically, the research into clothes.  Women’s clothing.  While it’s an engaging and valid excuse for cruising Victoria’s Secrets catalogues as “research,” it also leads to conversations like:

Me:  “What do you call that.  Those sweaters with shortened sleeves…”

She:  “What?”

Me:  “Um… you know, like three-quarters sleeves?  Do you have any of those?  They cut right below the boobs?”

She:  “You mean a ‘shrug’?”

Me: “That is a gesture, not a garment.”  (Not true, it turns out.)

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Here’s my contribution to Steve Bissette’s birthday card we all put together. The title really should be “The Perfect Gift” or something. Also, I think “Petunia” would’ve been a funnier dinosaur name, but whatever.

I’m really proud of my inking.

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Test Page

Here’s a test page of my thesis comic.  I went really rough and crazy, just focusing, really, on getting the borders ruled out super-accurately and deciding on the final proportions.  I went and inked some of it just to do it, and added text in three or four different sizes from my ames guide to decide how small I wanted to go.

The Home Office, Wahoo Michigan

So here’s what my home office looks like.  Just at a glance you can see the great Ken Dahl print in the back next to the Pixies poster, the bend-neck lamp I’ve had since I stole it from my parents who’ve had it since the 70s, at least one glass of iced tea (I’ve obviously been doing dishes recently, since there should be three or four more abounding).  The desk itself is one of two I now decadently own.  When I came to CCS I was drawing on a hand-me-down kitchen table from my Aunt to my Mom to me.  This table I got from Morgan on the cheap.

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